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Growing up I was drawn to the younger children. I always wanted to hold the babies, play with the toddlers, and run around with the school age children. I started babysitting and working in childcare settings by the age of 12 and soon went on to get my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I taught in many settings including childcares, preschools, and public schools for over a decade before starting my own family. Now with  decades of experience and  2 little girls of my own,  I've developed a passion for helping parents.

I felt well prepared for Motherhood, yet it was still a daily struggle. I didn't know where to turn for help. I didn't want to repeat exactly how I was parented but didn't have any alternative tools to make lasting change. It took me years and many hours of trial and error, self work, reading, and research to find and do what I wanted.  The job of raising a child doesn't come with a manual, professional development, or trainings of any kind. I'm here to bridge that gap and give you the support you deserve in the important work of parenting. I use a model of connection. It replaces the behavioristic model of parenting many of us received. The main goal is not to have a 100% obedient and perfectly behaved child, rather to have a strong connection and authentic relationship that in turn fosters the cooperation we crave as parents.

I'm currently an Instructor  for Hand in Hand Parenting and a Parenting Coach with the Jai Institute of Parenting. I use the Hand in Hand Listening tools combined with Coaching strategies, current research on emotional development and trauma sensitive practices, as well as mixing in my own experience to help you on your own journey of parenting. So glad you're here!! 

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Stacy is an incredible resource. She has a wealth of knowledge drawing from anecdotal stories and scientific research. Stacy gave me so many strategies to fill my parenting tool-kit. I feel like I have strategies going in to every day to manage the daily challenges that arise in parenting, especially in this uniquely challenging time.
I would urge any parent to consult with Stacy. Her natural calm and sense of humor make it easy to talk to her and work through the array of issues that come up in parenting. Her expertise would be an asset to any parent!

Caroline, San Jose

With a background in teaching, as a parent coach Stacy offers solutions that really work with the kids. Highly recommend her.


Stacy Wilson really is growing goodness. Whether you are looking for someone to truly listen or a few helpful tools that will shift your parenting, Stacy will help you become the parent you want to be.


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