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Benjamin James


Devinah Cosmetics is an under-hyped indie beauty brand. Although Devinah Cosmetics makes some of the most unique indie single eyeshadows formulas, buyers should be cautious that these hand-pressed shadows are soft. The soft formula makes it easier to pick up intense pigmentation. However, the soft formula can get so messy.


Like so many of the other unique indie single eyeshadows included within this roundup, I longed to try the Give Me Glow Cosmetics formula. Out of all the indie single shadows on this list, the Give Me Glow Cosmetics singles (and palettes) are some of the hardest to get your hands on.

Makeup Geek creates a beautiful array of matte, metallic, and shimmer shadows. Also, this brand brought affordable, single shadows to the forefront of the YouTube beauty community. Despite being an OG influencer brand, I never tried any singles from Makeup Geek until 2019.

Finally, single shadows discontinued more frequently than palettes. As a beauty blogger, it is frustrating to purchase single shadows to dupe palettes or to try new formulas only to discover that I can no longer recommend the products to you!


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