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Leftover Crack [BETTER] Lyrics One Dead Cop

Leftöver Crack is an American punk rock band formed in 1998, following the breakup of Choking Victim. The band is currently signed to Tankcrimes for CD releases, and Alternative Tentacles for vinyl releases. Leftöver Crack spans several different music genres including hardcore punk, ska, and crust punk. They write mostly political lyrics of a radical leftist nature, opposing religion, capitalism, and authority. Members of Leftöver Crack reside in the C-Squat on 155 Avenue C in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City. Natives of New York City, band members have a well-documented history of back-and-forth conflict with the NYPD which precedes the band's formation.[2] The name "Leftöver Crack" is explained by Stza as being "an oxymoron", based on the idea that crack cocaine addicts are known for vigorous use and are unlikely to have any "leftover" crack.

leftover crack lyrics one dead cop

The band tends to write lyrics of a radical leftist nature, denouncing religion, capitalism, and authority (especially police), and promoting unity against racism/sexism/homophobia, anarchism, and awareness of politics in the world around the listener. Not surprisingly, the members have had a colorful history with law enforcement, including arrests (Stza in particular having a reputation for being a shoplifter, even writing about his experiences with Choking Victim) and harassment. According to Stza, the name is "an oxymoron", such named since crack cocaine addicts are so vigorous in their habit that they are extremely unlikely to have any "leftover" crack. 350c69d7ab


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