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2021 Free Download Game Chuzzle Deluxe Full Version

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Free Download Game Chuzzle Deluxe Full Version

With four gametypes, addictive and action-packed gameplay, and great game personality, Chuzzle Deluxe is one of the best and most unique puzzle games out there. Go match some chuzzles and download the game now!

Building on the free online version of Chuzzle (a.k.a "Classic Chuzzle"), Chuzzle Deluxe offers two levels of play for Classic Chuzzle and adds three other variations on the game. Speed Chuzzle pits the player against a timer that is sure to raise blood pressure; Zen Chuzzle does the opposite, lulling the player into a calm state of being with a never ending shuffle of the furry creatures. Finally, there is Mind Bender, which is a lot like those little tray puzzles where you move one line at a time until the picture is correct.

On a technical note, the colors are optimized for 16 bit color and players are warned that the game may not display properly under other settings. One nice feature is the optional setting for colorblind players; in this setting, each color of chuzzle is marked by a different symbol. The game is also optimized for full-screen play but it can be set to open in a window using set window dimensions. I don't recommend the smaller settings, though, as some of the detail which makes this game so enjoyable is lost on the smaller scale.

Chuzzle is one of PopCap's most popular games and it's easy to see why. It's a happy little game full of happy little explosions -- chuzzles love to be destroyed! With it's four variations on the classic game, Chuzzle Deluxe offered me plenty of variety and challenges. Even after a month of very addicted play, I still haven't cleared all the Mind-Bender levels and I still look forward to playing every time I launch the game. If you are looking for good value in a puzzle game that really is suitable for all ages (I recommend the calm Zen Chuzzle for young children), you can't go wrong with this download.

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