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Benjamin James
Benjamin James

Girls Forever (1293) Mp4 [EXCLUSIVE]

It's time to clean the attic, and Genevieve has her hands full convincing Rachel to help. The poor girl is deathly afraid of spiders, and Genevieve does her best to reassure Rachel that there's nothing to worry about Once they reach the attic, however, the girls realize there's plenty to be scared of after all! A giant web stands at the end of the room, and everywhere the girls looks, they see huge skittering spiders running about the floor. Surrounded, the girls cannot escape the hungry arachnids as the smaller creatures capture them and begin to coccoon them in sticky, tight webs! Before they no what has happened, the girls are completely wrapped and mounted in the giant web as tasty meals for the giant hairy beasts that surround them! Struggling and "mmmpph"ing into their sealed mouths, the twitching, squirming pair succed in doing nothing but tiring themselves out. How long before they become spider food??

Girls Forever (1293) mp4



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