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Snow White And The HuntsmanHD !EXCLUSIVE!

David Edelstein of New York praised the film's revisionist tone and says the film was "strongly influenced by a lot of smart, feminist thinking," and Roger Ebert gave the film 3.5 stars out of 4. A.O. Scott of the New York Times praised the performances of Theron and Stewart and also wrote, "Though it is an ambitious - at times mesmerizing - application of the latest cinematic technology, the movie tries to recapture some of the menace of the stories that used to be told to scare children rather than console them." Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times said the film is "an absolute wonder to watch and creates a warrior princess for the ages. But what this revisionist fairy tale does not give us is a passionate love - its kisses happen to be as chaste as the snow is white."

Snow White and the HuntsmanHD

"I resisted this derivative mishmash of classic fairytale and modern epic fantasy for as long as I could, but ultimately it swept me up into its geeky but manly embrace and carried me away on a white charger."- Andrew O'Hehir

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She escapes from the castle by sliding down into a drainage channel and leaping off a cliff into the ocean below. She finds a white horse and rides it to escape Ravenna's soldiers, until it becomes caught in a bog outside the Dark Forest. With few options, the young princess is forced to abandon her horse and flees willingly into the Forest, unaware of its dangers.

She does so, but Gus then wakes up to find her leaving and awakens the others, who all follow Snow White. As she continues on through the forest, many woodland creatures emerge, some of them being mounts for the fairies who too watch the princess. Eventually, she reaches a small meadow, where a beautiful majestic white stag with towering antlers known as the White Hart is discovered. The creature supposedly has never appeared before humans.

They take Snow White's body to Hammond's Castle where the Duke and the people mourn her. Snow White is put into a white dress being barefoot and laid to rest inside what appears to be a burial chamber, while the distraught Huntsman maintains vigil over her. As she lies in repose, he begins to tell her about his life. He tells her about how he once had a wife named Sara whom he met after his return from the wars, saying how he believed that he was not worth saving, but she saved him anyway. He confesses his deep love for her, and that the moment he let her out of his sight, she was gone forever and then he became himself again, a self that he never cared for, purposely putting himself in danger. Until meeting Snow White, who reminds him of his wife as she too possesses the same heart and the same spirit as she did and that since meeting the princess, he has noticed his change back into the better man he once was with Sara. But now Snow White too has gone and he apologizes for failing to save her. He then kisses her and one of his tears land on her cheek. He then leaves the room and just minutes after he does leave, Snow White draws her first breath of life and awakens as a second tear has fallen, which has inadvertently broken the spell. 041b061a72


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