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Bobs Burgers - Season 1 !!TOP!!

The series premiere, "Human Flesh", was broadcast directly after The Simpsons at 8:00 p.m., and was watched by 9.41 million viewers, making it the highest-rated new series premiere of the season.[1] The season received mixed reviews from television commentators, particularly "Torpedo",[2] "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs"[2] and "Art Crawl",[2] however some critics disliked the themes of the episodes.[3][4][5] The Volume One DVD box set, including all 13 episodes and the initial pilot developed for 2010 airing, was released in Region 1 on April 17, 2012. It has not been released in other regions. Loren Bouchard conceived the idea for Bob's Burgers after developing Home Movies for UPN.

Bobs Burgers - Season 1


The season was ordered for seven episodes, later to be extended for six more. On Thanksgiving 2010, Fox released a teaser trailer for the first season. Two episodes have known working titles. "Sexy Dance Fighting" was originally titled "Capoeira", and "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" had the working title of "Bob After Dark". Throughout January 2011, Fox promoted the series by temporarily rebranding Fat Burger Restaurants throughout the United States. The theme song used in the intro of the first six episodes began with just a simple ukulele tune, along with a few sound effects. Beginning from "Bed & Breakfast", the theme was given a small upgrade with newer instruments heard in the background, giving it a more upbeat theme. This is also the only season: to be animated at Bardel Entertainment, to be animated in Adobe Flash, and to not have the Wilo Productions logo at the end.

The first season received mixed to positive reviews from critics, but received high ratings each episode. "Human Flesh" received 9.38 million viewers, making it the highest rated season premiere of the season. The season received an average of 5.07 million viewers. The first season had negative reviews from the Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today. More positive reviews were received from Entertainment Weekly, CNN, and the AV Club. Although the first season received mixed reviews, the second season grew with many more positive reviews. The most watched episode was "Human Flesh" with 9.38 million viewers and the least watched episode was "Burger War" with a low 4.00 million viewers.

This Bob's Burgers scene was ridiculously funny for a couple of reasons. There's the absurdity of the situation that the Belcher family found themselves in: the health inspectors believed their burgers were made out of human flesh, and cannibalism is seriously taboo. But things continually got weirder as Linda revealed that she was briefly engaged to health inspector Hugo Habercore. And as if things couldn't get worse for Bob, a stove fire erupted as soon as Bob was revealed to be the "hotshot restaurateur" that Linda left Hugo to marry. The quick-paced scene established how Bob's Burgers uses the precariousness of running a small family business to heighten drama or create humor in a post-recession America.

The show's animation has certainly changed over 13 seasons as its style has been refined and animated comedies became more popular. But Bob's Burgers' use of visual gags never left. This scene from "Human Flesh" was a perfect representation of how Bob's Burgers uses the elements of animation to its advantage in order to power along the absurdity of the Belchers' lives. The quick and dramatic zoom-in and outs -- complete with tense violin music -- drove home the ridiculousness of the situation, while also making fun of it.

The chaotic nature of the scene in "Human Flesh" was enhanced by the individual quirks of the Belcher family members. In a flashback to a school show-and-tell, the hilariously cynical Louise was shown to have announced that her family restaurant served burgers made out of human flesh. Bob's Burgers continued to exemplify Louise's devious nature; she is often the troublesome mastermind who likes to poke fun at her father and the rest of her family. Gene's dramatic use of a fire extinguisher made Hugo sound even more ridiculous. And the scene helped to set up the individual characters within this family unit in just one exchange.

Bob's Burgers introduced viewers to dynamic and hilarious characters from the very beginning. These characters have bold personalities and create memorable storylines that keep viewers coming back for more. However, many of the characters that fans adore, like Rudy or Tammy, were not seen on the series until after season 1.

The memorable characters that first appeared in later seasons helped push the storylines further into unexpected places, and many of them developed strong connections with the Belcher family. Even though there are many characters that have been added to the show over the years, there are some that are better than the rest and have made a bigger impact on the series than others.

Dr. Yap is the dentist to the Belchers and makes his debut in season 2. He expresses his interest in dating Gayle and invites the Belcher family with him on a skiing trip so he can attempt to become Gayle's romantic partner. Dr. Yap also makes later appearances. In one episode, he is a member of a fraternity that Bob cooks for. In another, he attempts to catch the Belcher children after they rip a page out of a magazine in his waiting room.

Logan is an antagonist to Louise who is introduced in season 3. He and Lousie become enemies after he steals her notorious bunny ears and refuses to give them back. Logan makes similar appearances in the series later when he and Lousie continue their mutual hatred for each other.

Millie is another antagonist Louise encounters, and her constant obsession with Louise keeps fans on their toes. Millie makes her first appearance in season 4 during a Halloween episode in which she pushes for Louise to wear a couple's costume with her. However, Louise rebuffs her, and Millie retaliates by leaving the Belcher kids and their friends trapped in their fort.

Josh is introduced in season 3 as the mystery milk shopper whom Tina swoons over. Josh and Tina's brief romance is carried over when he makes his next appearance later in the season wgen he asks Tina to go to his school dance with him, sparking a love triangle between him, Tina, and Jimmy Jr.

Darryl is another hilarious character that made his debut in season 2 when he helps Bob master the video game Burgerboss. Darryl makes appearances in later episodes, tagging along on the Belcher kids' adventures and is even in a band with Gene during one episode. Darryl and Tina also pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend in order to make the people they have crushes on jealous.

Darryl's intelligence on Bob's Burgers ranks him among one of the more important characters introduced after season 1. Darryl is a master planner, and Lousie, Tina, and Gene use that to their advantage whenever they can. Darryl also has a unique personality that made him a standout character right away.

Courtney is Gene's on-agin, off-again girlfriend who has become a well-known character since her first appearance in season 3. Courtney starts out as annoying and pressures Gene into being her boyfriend after she develops a crush on him. Courtney eventually becomes another rag-tag member of the Belcher kids' friend group, and she defends Gene from her overbearing father on a few occasions.

Mickey is a bank robber who took Bob as a hostage in season 2. Since then, he's appeared in numerous subsequent episodes and has become a major recurring character. After Mickey is released from jail, Bob hires him to work in the restaurant, but he is caught trying to tunnel into the bank next door. Mickey moves on from crime and becomes a ride operator at the amusement park owned by Mr. Fischoeder.

Felix is the bratty younger brother of Mr. Fischoeder and is introduced in season 4. He is less confident than his older brother, and his personality shows his immature ways. Mr. Fischoeder takes on his protective older brother role by allowing Felix to do odds jobs like remodeling Bob's restaurant's bathroom.

Rudy was first introduced in season 3 and has since become a close friend to the Belcher kids. Rudy, nicknamed Regular-Sized Rudy, has appeared consistently since his introduction and has a mellow attitude that meshes well with the Belchers. Rudy steps out of his comfort zone often to join in with Louise, but also has shown that he is able to stand up for himself when he needs to.

Tammy makes her debut in season 2 when she and Tina become friends. Tammy pushes Tina to do bad things, and the pair eventually end up having a falling out. She becomes friends with Jocelyn in later episodes and makes regular appearances in the series.

Tammy is one of the best additions to the series after season 1 because of her ridiculous antics and villainous behavior toward Tina. She has become a major character in later seasons, solidifying her spot in the series as the main antagonist for Tina and the other Belcher kids.

The tenth season of Bob's Burgers is the lowest-rated season. It got off to a good beginning with an excellent first segment, "The Ring (But Not Scary)", however, the three following programs were a letdown. The Halloween episode, "Pig Trouble in Little Tina", was particularly disappointing to fans, since it was an extremely mediocre showing for a holiday special that had generally been among the series' best parts. The humor is overly broad, resulting in a dismal finale to one of the show's most difficult seasons.

Although the latest season is among the weakest in the series, the bi-part segments, "Some Like it Bot Part 1: Eight Grade Runner" and "Some Like it Bot Part 2: Judge Day Boy" at least bring the show to a close on a strong note. Fans get the most interactive experience yet, with Tina's universe of friend-fiction in both of these segments, which will also try and convince them how they have enjoyed her dreams all through the season. With a rating of 6.6, the episode, "Interview with a Pop-pop-pire", has the lowest ranking ever in the show. 041b061a72


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