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Emmanuel Ravens

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the sargas are more likely to be galvatron's subgroup than optimus primal's. a new chapter and a bunch of info i haven't been able to collect about the beast wars series have been coming in. there are a few articles about the beast wars that offer quotes, quotes from one of the writers, and the sources for quotes from both a writer and the beast wars artist.

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also have you ever heard of comics called transformers: cybertron? they're old (originally published in 1991), but are really good. they're a japanese comic series based on the property, and they went on way too long (until now, that is). i was curious to see if you have any interest in writing about them. if so, it would be really awesome if you could write up a synopsis and a few quotes (would be able to fill it out in the notes, but not by much).

i love beast wars, but i don't really know much about them and i'd like to understand the concepts and all of the magic that makes it all happen. i was going to start with the wolverine/logan article, but after not being able to find much more than a bunch of products, i'll start this one instead. if you know anything about the beast wars (preferably the japanese version and how it ties into the us universe of transformers) i'd love to have this article on the beast wars universe page.

tldr; i thought a few times i figured out how some things in the beast wars universe fit into the context of the transformers universe, then realized it would just be explained if you already knew the entire context. welcome to the tldr: page of this wiki. hopefully you'll read something more here that you might have missed otherwise and if you don't agree with anything else on this page then that's ok too. this is just for me, the fans have a good wiki over there too. i hope i'm not being too annoying here, but now you know what i think.


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