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Rick Ross - Hustlin [PORTABLE]

In the video, Rick Ross wears a shirt with the words "Boobie Boys" in homage to a drug gang. Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Cool and Dre, Smitty, DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, Field Mob, The Runners, and Trina are seen in the music video.

Rick Ross - Hustlin

And he knew I was one of those dudes. So when he would go and get beats from certain individuals, it's almost like you could give them to me and I make a list. So who I think these beats will be best for a Trina, Trick Daddy, so on so forth. And that's what he did. And when I heard that beat, I remember it was a Redd CD, that came from some top corporate Atlantic Records.

It's true because now even thinking about the Slip n Slide, of course there was "Shut Up," Trick Daddy, which was a crazy record. That was quite hard. And I remember even in New York that tore everything up, but you're right, it was very party. It was icons. It was everything.

Well, I knew one thing, it would take me to be nothing less than great to figure this out, because I've got to figure this out. Being in Miami, this is the only outlet we really had. This is the only bridge you could really walk across to go to that other side.

And they were comfortable and had huge success with all party records. And like I said, I was talking about getting money. I was talking about hustling. Everything finally worked out. I found the right beat. I put the right raps on it. And once that record took off, I never was questioned again.

Miami is and has been for a while, a true legit epicenter of hip-hop. OG Legends have set up shop there, Pharrell, Tim. Newer stars like Lil Pump, Denzel Curry and Kodak Black, keep it rejuvenated. And Florida's, shall we say, looser rules during the pandemic, have made it real boom town in the past few years anyway. But when Ross came on the scene in 2006, you have to realize there was really nothing there. At least other than Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy and Trina, party music for clubs and strip joints. DJ Khaled, is surely the other most important figure in this transition. He went from being a local Miami radio DJ to one of the city's greatest champions, to now one of the most important figures in all of modern hip hop and culture. But in the old days, Miami looked so much to New York for the musical cues.

Oh, I most definitely went international. I had been over in London, I had been over in Paris. I had been traveling and while I was traveling, I'm going through London and I'm crossing so many Asian people at the time. And they all had their masks on. And I just remember thinking back like, yo, Michael Jackson been up on his mask 40 years ago.

A federal judge did not ruled in favor of Rick Ross, who claims LMFAO's 2010 song "Party Rock Anthem" catchphrase "Everyday I'm shufflin'" is a copyright infringement of his chart-topper "Hustlin'," which contains the lyric "Everyday I'm hustlin'." The Hollywood Reporter details U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams's address on if Ross' three-word phrase is copyrightable.

But that's about the deepest this guy runs. In a gross perversion of lyric-writing fundamentals, Ross usually eschews the specific for the general. We know he made big bucks selling coke but (unlike Young Jeezy) he glosses over the dark side of black market entrepreneurship. We know he spends liberally and audaciously but (unlike Pharrell) he spares us colorful sketches of his favorite wardrobe items. We know he took a woman home from the club last night but (unlike Lil' Wayne or Art Brut) he withholds prosaic details like how many times they stumbled making it to the bed or what was breakfast the next morning or even, God forbid, what she wore. We never learn for sure where Rick Ross came from, and that prevents us from truly knowing where he's coming from. He's that rare, mythical creature: a rapper without a back story. 041b061a72


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