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Rezo Bragin
Rezo Bragin

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My name is Robert and I am 35 years old. Recently, I have heard of Some of my friends told me about it and I decided to have a look. I bought a velvet Durag here just as a hair accessory and now my Durag and I are inseparable. I think of buying another one. My hair is becoming smoother and smoother. If you want to have luxurious appearance like me, I suggest you this site. Their velvet Durags are made of pure velvet and are the best!

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I am an athletic and using headscarves are necessary for me. I have been wearing Durags for years now but I find satin Durags from exceptional. Its satin Durags are very breathable, I really feel at ease when I wear it. Besides, it is made from high quality fabrics, which stop sweat from dripping my eyes when I practice running.

I have braids and I use a silk Durag from while sleeping to maintain them. In addition, it is absorbent. I have also tried it for waves and it gave an excellent hair compression. The waves were perfect. I totally recommend silk Durags from

Our shop offers a range of over 100 different durag styles. These include: knee length durags, long durags, medium durags, short durags and durags available in different colors, fabrics, designs, textures and features. Our talented team of designers is dedicated to bringing you a wide assortment of styles, designs, and colors of durags at low cost. is the best place to shop for durag that are made of high quality material and are available at affordable rates. We offer the best durags that are perfect for any occasion. Moreover, you can also get amazing discounts on the durags during various festive seasons. Our online store helps customers to find durag that they want at their doorstep. Customers will get all types of Durags in our online store that are of stunning design, style, and comfort.

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You will find here many collections of durags for men which are declined in several styles, materials, colors to allow you to find your happiness and to begin the realization of your waves or other hairstyles if you wish it.

Achieve the hairstyle of your dreams with the help of our durag waves, models adapted to all hair types to accompany you during this long process. True haircut at the top of the fashion, the waves do not cease to make speak about them and invite themselves more and more in the style of the young men to the streetwear look. Straight from the United States this haircut will require a lot of patience and work to get the result you want so much, but the result is worth it.

Founded by and for fans of durag, the Durag-Shop was born from the desire to offer you high quality items by offering you a wide range of products always available in many colors that we try to update and increase daily.On the store you will find all types of products to meet your needs and desires; from the simplest silk durag to the most comfortable velvet durag. Hundreds of durag for men but also durag for women to allow you to find your happiness, very useful to accompany you in the creation of your waves, braids and many others.We have also set up a blog with many articles to learn more about your favorite fashion accessory; its usefulness, its history, advice...If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ or contact us.

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