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Cindy Gerard's The Bodyguard Series: Where to Find and Read the EPUB Ebooks for Free Online

Cindy Gerard Bodyguard Series: A Thrilling Romance Adventure

If you are looking for a captivating read that combines romance, suspense, and action, you should check out the Cindy Gerard Bodyguard series. This series consists of six books that follow the lives and loves of a team of elite bodyguards who work for E.D.E.N. Inc., a security firm that specializes in high-risk assignments. Each book features a different couple who face danger, passion, and intrigue as they complete their missions. In this article, we will give you an overview of the plot, characters, and themes of the bodyguard series, as well as show you how to download them for free in EPUB format.

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The Plot of the Bodyguard Series

The bodyguard series revolves around a group of former military operatives who work for E.D.E.N. Inc., a company founded by Noah Clayborne, a former FBI agent. E.D.E.N. stands for Elite Defense Enforcement Network, and its motto is "No assignment too difficult. No challenge too great. No risk too high." The bodyguards are highly trained, skilled, and loyal to each other. They take on cases that involve protecting celebrities, politicians, witnesses, hostages, and anyone else who needs their expertise.

Each book in the series focuses on one bodyguard and his or her love interest. The bodyguards are:

  • Nolan Garrett, a former Navy SEAL who is haunted by his past.

  • Eve Garrett, Nolan's sister and a former Army helicopter pilot who is fearless and feisty.

  • Dallas Garrett, Eve's twin brother and a former Marine sniper who is cool and composed.

  • Sam Lang, a former Delta Force operative who is charming and charismatic.

  • Manny Ortega, a former Special Forces soldier who is witty and wise.

  • Johnny Duane Reed, a former Air Force pararescueman who is reckless and rebellious.

The love interests are:

  • Jillian Kincaid, a TV journalist who is kidnapped by a terrorist group.

  • John "Doc" Holliday, a CIA agent who is Eve's ex-husband and partner in a rescue mission.

  • Amy Walker, a former CIA analyst who is Dallas's childhood friend and target of a rogue agent.

  • Alyssa Locke, a former FBI agent who is Sam's former lover and rival in a hostage situation.

  • Rachel Gannon, a nurse who is Manny's former flame and witness to a murder.

  • Crystal Debrowski, a waitress who is Johnny's one-night stand and victim of a human trafficking ring.

The Bodyguard Series Books

Here is a brief summary of each book in the bodyguard series:

The Bodyguard #1: To the Edge

Nolan Garrett is assigned to protect Jillian Kincaid, the daughter of a wealthy media mogul, after she is kidnapped and rescued by a covert team. Nolan and Jillian have a history, as they had a brief affair four years ago that ended badly. As they rekindle their romance, they also have to deal with the threat of the kidnappers, who are still after Jillian for unknown reasons. To the Edge is a fast-paced and steamy story that introduces the bodyguard team and sets the tone for the series.

The Bodyguard #2: To the Limit

Eve Garrett is reunited with her ex-husband, John "Doc" Holliday, when they are both hired to rescue a group of hostages in Colombia. Eve and Doc have a complicated relationship, as they divorced after Doc was injured in a mission and pushed Eve away. As they work together to save the hostages, they also have to confront their unresolved feelings and trust issues. To the Limit is an action-packed and emotional story that explores the theme of forgiveness and second chances.

The Bodyguard #3: To the Brink

Dallas Garrett is shocked to see his childhood friend, Amy Walker, on a video sent by a rogue CIA agent who demands a ransom for her release. Dallas and Amy grew up together in an orphanage, but lost contact when Amy was adopted. Dallas has always had feelings for Amy, but never acted on them. Now, he has to find her and save her from the clutches of the enemy. To the Brink is a suspenseful and tender story that shows the power of friendship and love.

The Bodyguard #4: Over the Line

Sam Lang is assigned to protect Alyssa Locke, his former lover and FBI partner, who is in charge of a hostage negotiation in Mexico. Sam and Alyssa have a history of passion and betrayal, as they parted ways after a botched operation that left Sam wounded and Alyssa blamed. As they work together to free the hostages, they also have to deal with their attraction and anger. Over the Line is an explosive and sexy story that delves into the theme of loyalty and redemption.

The Bodyguard #5: Under the Wire

Manny Ortega is hired to protect Rachel Gannon, his former girlfriend and nurse, who witnessed a murder by a drug lord in Venezuela. Manny and Rachel have a history of love and loss, as they broke up after Rachel miscarried their baby. As they flee from the killers, they also have to cope with their grief and guilt. Under the Wire is an adventurous and touching story that deals with the theme of healing and hope.

The Bodyguard #6: Into the Dark

Johnny Duane Reed is tasked to protect Crystal Debrowski, his one-night stand and waitress, who was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring in Indonesia. Johnny and Crystal have nothing in common, except for their mutual attraction. As they escape from the captors, they also have to learn to trust and respect each other. Into the Dark is an intense and funny story that tackles the theme of courage and acceptance.

The Benefits of Reading the Bodyguard Series

Reading the bodyguard series is not only entertaining, but also beneficial for your mood, vocabulary, and imagination. Here are some of the benefits of reading this series:

The Mood-Boosting Effect of Romance Novels

Reading romance novels can make you happier and more optimistic. According to research, reading romance can stimulate the release of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which can enhance your mood and social bonding. Reading romance can also increase your empathy, compassion, and understanding of others' emotions. Reading romance can also help you cope with stress, anxiety, and depression by providing you with an escape from reality and a positive outlook on life.

or download the ebooks in PDF format.

How to Download and Read the Bodyguard Series in EPUB Format

Once you have chosen a website to download the bodyguard series from, you can follow these steps to download and read them in EPUB format:

  • Go to the website and find the bodyguard series books that you want to download. Click on the download button or link and choose EPUB as the format.

  • Wait for the download to finish and locate the EPUB files on your device. You may need to unzip them if they are compressed.

  • Transfer the EPUB files to your preferred device or app for reading. You can use a USB cable, a cloud service, or a wireless connection to transfer the files.

  • Open the EPUB files with your preferred device or app for reading. You can use a dedicated e-reader, a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer to read the files. You can also use an app such as Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kindle, or Kobo to read the files.

  • Enjoy reading the bodyguard series and immerse yourself in the thrilling romance adventure.


The Cindy Gerard Bodyguard series is a captivating read that combines romance, suspense, and action. It follows the lives and loves of a team of elite bodyguards who work for E.D.E.N. Inc., a security firm that specializes in high-risk assignments. Each book features a different couple who face danger, passion, and intrigue as they complete their missions. Reading this series can benefit your mood, vocabulary, and imagination by stimulating your emotions, exposing you to new words, and activating your creativity. You can download this series for free in EPUB format by following our guide on how to find, download, transfer, and open the ebooks on your device. If you are looking for a thrilling romance adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you swoon, you should check out the Cindy Gerard Bodyguard series.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Cindy Gerard Bodyguard series:

  • Q: How many books are there in the bodyguard series?

  • A: There are six books in the bodyguard series: To the Edge, To the Limit, To the Brink, Over the Line, Under the Wire, and Into the Dark.

  • Q: Do I need to read the bodyguard series in order?

  • A: No, you don't need to read the bodyguard series in order. Each book can be read as a standalone story with its own plot and characters. However, you may enjoy reading them in order to appreciate the development of the bodyguard team and their relationships.

  • Q: Who is Cindy Gerard?

  • A: Cindy Gerard is an award-winning and best-selling author of romantic suspense novels. She has written over 50 books in various genres and series, such as the Black Ops Inc., One-Eyed Jacks, and Taking Fire series. She lives in Iowa with her husband and two dogs.

  • Q: What is E.D.E.N. Inc.?

  • A: E.D.E.N. Inc. is a fictional company that provides security services for high-profile and high-risk clients. It was founded by Noah Clayborne, a former FBI agent who recruited his former military friends to work for him. E.D.E.N. stands for Elite Defense Enforcement Network.

  • Q: What is EPUB?

  • A: EPUB is a file format that is designed for ebooks. It has several advantages over other formats, such as flexibility, interactivity, accessibility, and compatibility with most devices and apps.



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