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Hirzul Yamani 16 9 2013.pdfgolkes

Hirzul Yamani: The King of Hizib and Its Benefits

Hirzul Yamani is a name that may not be familiar to many people, especially those who are not interested in the mystical aspects of Islam. However, for those who are keen to learn more about the spiritual heritage of the Muslim world, Hirzul Yamani is a treasure that deserves attention. Hirzul Yamani, also known as Saefi Hirzul Yamani or Saefi Hizbul Yamani, is a hizib (a collection of prayers and invocations) that is considered to be the king of all hizibs. It was popularized by Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani, one of the most revered saints and scholars in Islamic history. But what makes Hirzul Yamani so special? And what are its benefits for those who recite it?

Hirzul Yamani 16 9 2013.pdfgolkes

The Origin and History of Hirzul Yamani

Hirzul Yamani is not an ordinary hizib that was composed by a human being. Rather, it is a divine revelation that was given to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Allah (the Most High). According to some sources, Hirzul Yamani was revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him) during his night journey (isra') and ascension (mi'raj) to the heavens. The Prophet (peace be upon him) then taught it to his cousin and son-in-law, Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), who was known for his bravery and wisdom. Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) used Hirzul Yamani as his weapon in battles, and he called it Ainus Saefi (the Eye of Saefi or the Sword).

Hirzul Yamani was passed down from generation to generation among the descendants of Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) until it reached Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani, who was born in 1077 CE in Iran. Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani was a descendant of Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) from both his father's and mother's side, and he was also a descendant of Sayyidina Hasan and Sayyidina Husain (may Allah be pleased with them), the grandsons of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani was a renowned scholar and a master of tasawwuf (Sufism), and he founded the Qadiriyya order, one of the most influential Sufi orders in the world. He was also known as Sultanul Auliya (the King of Saints) and Ghawthul A'zam (the Greatest Helper).

Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani received Hirzul Yamani from his grandfather, Syeikh Abu Saleh Jangidost, who was also a great saint and scholar. Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani recited Hirzul Yamani regularly and experienced many miracles and wonders by its virtue. He also taught it to his students and followers, who spread it to different regions and countries. Hirzul Yamani became one of the most famous and powerful hizibs in the Muslim world, and it is still recited by many people until today.

The Benefits of Hirzul Yamani

Hirzul Yamani is not just a hizib that contains beautiful words and praises to Allah (the Most High). It is also a hizib that contains many secrets and blessings that can benefit those who recite it sincerely and faithfully. Some of the benefits of Hirzul Yamani are:

  • It grants charisma and dignity to the reciter. If one recites Hirzul Yamani 41 times, Allah will bestow upon him or her a charismatic personality like the saints, a light that shines in every place, and a beauty and respect among all creatures.

It ensures a good end and forgiveness for the reciter. If one recites Hirzul Yamani diligently, he or she will not leave this world except in a state of faith c481cea774


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