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[S1E3] Stage Fighting [BETTER]

Halbrand is making friends among the locals. He wins them around with his quick wit and readiness to buy a round. As he leaves the party, we see that he has been pickpocketing his new friends, unfortunately for him, they noticed and follow him into a quiet alley. It turns out that Halbrand has some fighting chops and easily dispenses with the 4 locals that try to give him a beating. Perhaps there is more to him than meets the eye?

[S1E3] Stage Fighting


The prisoners are ready to stage a fight back against the Orcs. They spiritedly fight with Arondir at the front of the battle. He sees an axe lying on the ground and uses it to bring down the structure on their heads. Under pressure, the Orcs release an ugly, snarling beast to attack the prisoners. It makes short work of a couple of prisoners that attempt to take it on, before Arondir traps it inside the tree he was chopping down. The lead Elf escapes and as Arondir follows behind, he reaches the top of the pit just in time to see his friend take an arrow in the chest, killing him. Arondir is apprehended and taken to see the ranking Orc, Adar.

Also in Ep. 2, viewers also see Nicky Roman (Anna Friel) singing "The Card You Gamble," the show's theme song, performed in real life by Caitlyn Smith. Live music wasn't the focus of these introductory episodes as Dottie's scandalous death and funeral took the stage. That changes early on during Ep. 3 (Sep. 27), when Gigi Roman (Beth Ditto) is seen in studio rehearsing a countrified version of Lizzo's "Juice." Everyone is preparing for the Queens of Country concert, set to pit sisters Gigi and Nicky against each other for title of "Queen." Shout out to Earl (Kevin Cahoon), who continues to steal every scene he's in. This time, he recognizes how everyone likes a little Game of Thrones with their country music, and he's not wrong.

In Zoo Season 1 Episode 3, the wolves took center stage, as they infiltrated a high security prison to break out a death row inmate with a defiant pupil who had the ability to communicate with them. The heist was stirring and bloody, and I will never look at wolves the same way ever again.

Oscar, Tim, and Mabel's childhood friend is out of prison or getting out of prison (it's not quite clear) but in episode 2 it was revealed Tim saw somebody, who was not Oscar, fighting with Zoe before she ultimately fell to her death.

After the shuttle enters hyperspace, Ezra and Chopper stage a fight, prompting Kanan to demand that the RX-24 droid pilot send Chopper to the back of the craft. In response, Ezra demands that C-3PO and R2-D2 be transferred to the back as well, referring to both droids as astromechs. C-3PO takes insult at being called an astromech, stressing that he is a protocol droid, and Tua tells the pilot that the two droids are accompanying her, and she is on Imperial business. The droid pilot informs Tua that Imperial regulations require all droids (save for himself) at the back of the craft, and 3PO begrudgingly heads to the back, followed by R2. With Tua bereft of a translator, Sabine then volunteers her services while posing as an Imperial Academy student. Sabine quickly learns that Tua's weapons shipment is located in Bay Seven of Garel City Spaceport. However, she misleads Tua into believing that it is in Bay Seventeen. C-3PO, in the back, sniffs that Sabine can't possibly take his place as translator. When R2-D2 attempts to find out what Tua and Wabo, with Sabine translating, are talking about, C-3PO tells him that it hardly matters to him what they're saying, and Chopper, believing R2 to be an Imperial droid, bumps into him to prevent him from listening. 3PO tells R2 that he could stand to learn some manners from Chopper.

During the fighting, Agent Kallus challenges Zeb to a duel and battles the Lasat with a stolen bo-rifle he had taken from a member of the Lasan High Honor Guard he personally killed. Kallus also goads Zeb by claiming to have ordered the use of the T-7 rifles in the pacification of Lasan. Sabine and R2-D2 finish with the rifles, and the others use one crate to destroy the walker, and the other two to scatter the stormtroopers. The powerful detonation throws both Kallus and Zeb off balance, but Kallus recovers a hair faster and stuns Zeb in the chest, leaving him defenseless. Before he can finish off Zeb, Ezra instinctively Force pushes Kallus so hard he's thrown back, tumbles along the ground and slams into a rock, knocking him out. Gathering up Zeb and C-3PO and R2-D2, the crew of the Ghost flee into space. Kallus comes to in time to watch the ship depart. On board, Zeb thanks Kanan for saving his life, only to corrected that it was Ezra, and Zeb nods his thanks. Kanan also informs Ezra that his formal Jedi training will start the following day. Even so, after saying this Kanan's smile drops off to a quiet look of concern about the weight of promising to be a teacher.

Cathy Zion recalls that in 2003, her formerly healthy 75-year-old mother, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away six months later. That experience impelled Cathy to look into low dose CT scan screening for lung cancer.

In the next scene, a reporter captures Jen entering the massive CGI prison and notes that Jen is rumored to have been rejected by the Avengers. My first thought is: who are the Avengers at this stage? Half of them are dead or missing. Also, did Jen apply? Or is this just a stale commentary on celebrity gossip?

Not everyone died from the explosion, however. Vander and Vi are trapped under rubble, and Silco, Deckard, and several goons are still alive. Silco instructs them to kill Vander and Vi while their incapacitated, but Vander summons his last bit of strength, frees himself, and squares off against a mutant Deckard. Vi looks in horror at the corpses of her dead family, Milo and Claggor, but also sees a piece of Powder's grenade and realizes she was responsible for the explosion. As Vander continues his desperate battle against Deckard, Silco sneaks up behind him and stabs him. Vander falls from the gangplank they're fighting on and lands onto a cache of Shimmer. With his last ounce of life, he drinks one of the vials. Just as Deckard is about to kill Vi, a grotesquely mutated Vander slaughters him. As the flames intensity, Vander chooses to save Vi rather than settle the score with Silco. He smashes through the wall just as the market collapses into flames.

And that's the end of episode 3, an explosive finale to act 1 that sets the stage for Powder's transformation into Jinx. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our recaps of episode 1 and episode 2, or read our review of Arcane's first act.

Kuwabara makes great efforts to study; however, this is nearly ruined when he gets cornered inside a public library by another group of school thugs, resulting in another brutal beating for the resilient boy. Physically mauled but unfazed within, he assures his comrades to keep studying hard; however, it falls short that night when he falls asleep at his desk. Yusuke enters his dream and inspires him to study more. The next day, the day of the big test, another three thugs follow Kuwabara once again to try one last time to get him to fight. On their way to get him, they knock down a Sarayashiki Jr. High girl, causing her to faint. This is Yusuke's only chance; he possesses the girl's body and successfully defeats the thugs with his street fighting moves, preventing Kuwabara from even getting involved with them. Kuwabara takes the test (with provisional help from Yusuke), successfully answering enough questions to pass and frustrating Akashi once more, but Iwamoto approaches him and secretly erases Kuwabara's answer for the last question, decreasing the boy's test score. However, they did not pay attention to Principal Takenaka near them, hearing everything. Kuwabara receives his test back, surprised because he was pretty sure that he scored more than 50 points because he copied his answers on a scratch paper so that he could later check if his answers were right. Luckily, he notices the erasure mark in the last question's answer and realizes the vile sabotage. 041b061a72


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