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Emmanuel Ravens
Emmanuel Ravens

Cheaper By The Dozen 2

God, 13 can be horrible. I remember as a high school freshman, standing around at the Tigers' Den teenage hangout in Urbana, cupping my hand to my mouth and checking to see if I had bad breath. At any given moment there would be half a dozen other kids also sniffing in dread and suspicion, all of us chewing Doublemint like crazy. If some girl had told us she didn't dance with boys who chewed gum, we would have gone home and wept ourselves to sleep.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2

Because the movie must include at least nominal references to the dozen children implied (implicated?) in its title and already tediously celebrated in the first installment of this remake franchise, the kids do show up at Lake Winnetka. Tom and Kate bring their rowdy 12 and Jimmy assembles another crew, perfectly uniformed, well-behaved, and ready to claim victory in any contest against the Baker kids, though also resentful of his bullying in ways that only the keenly attentive Sarina (more points for Electra) seems able to recognize.

OSHA and HIPPA laws violated x a dozen. Unclean. Unsafe. No safety plan. No protocols for a fire in the building. No protocols for covid (how can there be if they think it's "no big deal"). No privacy for clients. No protection from smoking, let alone gun safety or weapon safety. Just ... no protection at all. 041b061a72


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