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Fifa Manager 13 Error Gfxcore.dll

Fifa manager 13 error gfxcore.dll - How to fix it

If you are a fan of FIFA Manager 13, you might have encountered an error message that says "Fifa manager 13 has stopped working" or "The program can't start because gfxcore.dll is missing from your computer". This error is caused by a missing or corrupted file called gfxcore.dll, which is a dynamic link library that contains graphics functions for the game. In this article, we will show you how to fix this error and enjoy your game without any interruption.

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What is gfxcore.dll and why is it important?

Gfxcore.dll is a file that belongs to FIFA Manager 09, a previous version of the game series developed by Electronic Arts. It is used by FIFA Manager 13 to render graphics and animations on the screen. Without this file, the game cannot access the graphics card and display the game properly. Therefore, if this file is missing or damaged, the game will crash or fail to start.

What causes the gfxcore.dll error?

There are several possible reasons why the gfxcore.dll error occurs. Some of the common causes are:

  • You have installed a cracked or pirated version of FIFA Manager 13. This may cause compatibility issues with the original game files and prevent them from loading correctly.

  • You have accidentally deleted or moved the gfxcore.dll file from its original location. This may happen if you have cleaned up your disk space or used a third-party software that modifies or removes system files.

  • You have a malware infection on your computer that has corrupted or replaced the gfxcore.dll file with a malicious one. This may compromise the security and performance of your system and cause various errors.

  • You have outdated or incompatible drivers for your graphics card. This may prevent the game from communicating with your hardware and cause graphical glitches or crashes.

  • You have a registry problem that has damaged or deleted the entries related to the gfxcore.dll file. The registry is a database that stores information and settings for your system and applications. If it is corrupted or misconfigured, it may cause errors and conflicts.

How to fix the gfxcore.dll error?

To fix the gfxcore.dll error, you need to restore or replace the missing or corrupted file with a valid one. You also need to update your drivers and scan your system for malware and registry issues. Here are some steps you can follow to solve the problem:

  • Reinstall FIFA Manager 13. If you have installed the game from a CD, you can insert the disc and run the setup program again. If you have downloaded the game online, you can redownload it from the official website or your account. This will overwrite any corrupted or modified files and restore the original ones.

  • Download and install gfxcore.dll from a reliable source. If reinstalling the game does not work, you can try to download the gfxcore.dll file from a trusted website such as []. Make sure you choose the right version and architecture for your system. Then, copy and paste the file into the game installation folder, usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\FIFA Manager 13\. You may need to replace the existing file if it is already there.

  • Update your graphics card drivers. If your drivers are outdated or incompatible, they may cause errors with the game. To update your drivers, you can use the device manager in Windows or visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest version for your model. Alternatively, you can use a driver updater software that can automatically scan and update your drivers for you.

  • Scan your system for malware and registry issues. If your system is infected by malware or has registry problems, they may affect the performance and stability of your system and applications. To scan your system, you can use a reputable antivirus software and a registry cleaner software that can detect and remove any threats and errors from your system.


The gfxcore.dll error is a common problem that affects many FIFA Manager 13 players. It is caused by a missing or corrupted file that is essential for the game's graphics functions. To fix this error, you need to reinstall the game, download and install the gfxcore.dll file, update your drivers, and scan your system for malware and registry issues. By following these steps, you should be able to enjoy your game without any interruption.


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