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2Pac Outlawz - Still I Rise - 08 - Hell 4 A Hustler [HQ Sound]

Get on yo knees nigga, get on yo knees and pray[Verse 1: 2Pac]Increase the doses, bust on whoever closestThug livin', hell of prison, never losin' my focusI'm makin' money moves mandatory, end of discussionMy past records tell a story, picture niggas with rushin'And still bustin', 'til the cops come runnin', duck in abandoned buildingsDitchin' my gun, homeboy the motherfuckin' villainI live the lifestyles of drug dealers, but now legitlySo I laugh til I'm cryin', when the Lord come get meNo baby momma drama, nigga missed meWhy plant seeds in a dirty bitch waitin' to trick meNot the life for me, livin' carefree 'til I'm buriedAnd if they dare me, I'll bust on them niggas, and until they scurryI'm clearly a man of military means, to my artilleryWatchin' over me through every murder sceneFrom adolescence, to my early teens, thought we was gonna dieSellin' dope to all the fiends, at times I wanna cryAnd still, we try to change the past in vainNever knowin' if this game will last, feelin' the shameOf cocaine, the product of the devil, am I sellin' my soulGot tired of small time livin' nigga tellin' me noI got mine, fuck them other suckasThat's the mentality, jealous ass bustas make it hell for a hustler

2Pac Outlawz - Still I Rise - 08 - Hell 4 A Hustler [HQ Sound]

Gang Related still had DPG, 2pac and Tha Outlawz; but it is noteworthy that this is the project that introduced a young Tech N9ne to a national audience. However, this soundtrack is no Murder Was The Case.

Against The Grain would finally drop in August 2005, it would be the only solo project released in this era and the last project that was comprised of entirely new music from a Death Row artist that was actually still signed to the label. Between 2002-to-2005 the only other releases were 2pac remix albums (dubbed Nu-Mixx Klassicz) and another greatest hits compilation. 041b061a72


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