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Buy Military Boots

Luckily, finding that perfect pair of military boots has never been easier. At, we offer a complete collection of footwear manufactured by world-class engineers at major military footwear suppliers. From Army-authorized coyote brown boots to the sleek sage boots Airmen favor, all branches can find an option that caters to them specifically.

buy military boots


Plus, every style is embedded with cutting-edge technologies designed to keep feet comfortable and, above all, protected. Your footwear should never hold you back. Stay on top of your game by shopping the best military boots on the market.

Proudly built for the men and women who serve and protect our country. Browse our complete line of waterproof, insulated, protective and non-protective toe military boots, or shop by our U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force categories. Order tactical boots that will get the job done today!

Patriot Outfitters offers an extensive catalog of tactical boots in different colors and styles, such as waterproof boots, hot and cold weather boots, patrol and duty boots, and army and military boots. We also feature specialized AR 670-1 compliant and Berry compliant boots.

For military personnel to be within uniform standards, their boots must be AR 670-1 compliant. Luckily, there are many styles and brands of tactical boots that are AR 670-1 compliant, giving soldiers the opportunity to find the boots that fit best. For a boot style to be considered AR 670-1 compliant, it must meet certain criteria.

The Nike SFB Gen 2 LT Boot is a unisex Nike military boot engineered for military personnel, law enforcement, and other public safety professionals. It offers locked-down support, complete comfort, and durable traction. These boots are perfect for running and ruck marches.

The Belleville USA Approved Vanguard Desert Combat Boot is a USA-made boot designed for extreme conditions and multiple military branches. With durable leather, thick Polyurethane center, and AR 670-1 compliance, this Belleville boot is a perfect fit for any military personnel.

There are many clothing items that help military and law enforcement professionals be dressed for any type of assignment or environment. Patriot Outfitters offers a large selection of tactical clothing and duty gear.

Complete your tactical uniform by equipping yourself with the best tactical gear. Patriot Outfitters features a large catalog of personal equipment that perfectly complements your duty boots, including tactical duty belts, flashlights, tactical gloves, concealment holsters and much more.

As one of the nation's largest retailers of military boots, U.S. Patriot Tactical is a one-stop-shop for all your footwear needs. Our large selection of military includes OCP boots approved by the US Army and Air Force, US Navy flight deck boots, and jump boots for paratroopers. Scroll down to browse our inventory and learn more about this highly specialized footwear.

When it comes to ranking military boots, we have a few thoughts. First, military boots must comply with all branch regulations. They could be the most comfortable pair of boots you've ever worn, but they're no good to you if they end up sitting in your trunk. Second, military boots must be breathable, comfortable, and made from durable materials. Finally, choose your features wisely. Go for hot weather boots in the desert and insulated boots for colder climates.

The Oakley SI Light Assault Boots 2 are a pair of coyote military boots built with mobility and protection in mind. Oakley military boots feature an EVA midsole and slip-resistant outsole that give you the benefit of shock absorption and support while simultaneously allowing your foot to move naturally. Right out of the box, these Oakley boots are broken in and ready for action. These lightweight military boots weigh in at less than 2 lbs with genuine leather and CORDURA upper that promotes ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

The Reebok Women's Sublite 8" Military Boot is built with speed and agility in mind. These Reebok military boots for women are authorized by the Army and Air Force for wear with OCP uniform with cattle hide leather and ballistic nylon material build. A deep flex grooved Sublite foam midsole reduces weight and allows for a greater range of motion, while the full rubber outsole provides an outstanding grip.

Bates, a leader in tactical boots, has joined forceswith Wolverine, a leader in work boots. With nearly300 years of combined experience making high-qualityfootwear, this powerful partnership is committed tobuilding gear up to any task.

Best Boots for the Money"Received the boots today, thank you so much!! Thank you for helping me get these in time for Christmas, and for working with me on the out of stock sizes... you also drop shipped it 2 day mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am active duty military.... have many military friends. Just posted a status on my Facebook page about how awesome you guys are, and recommended you for all my friends who are looking for boots. I will definitely shop with you again!"-Jessica A.Read more reviews on the Mcrae Kids Black Combat Boot

Belleville is the unrenowned leader in military and law enforcement boots today. At, we are the Belleville experts and our goal is to help you find the best boots for your specific needs or requirements. Whether you're looking for a pair of quality boots for the work site or preparing for a military deployment, talk to us and we'll match you up with the perfect boot. We are committed to providing excellent customer service so you can get the right boot the first time around. We ship all orders the following business day and offer expedited shipping so you can get your boots fast and be on your way. So enjoy your online shopping experience and let be your #1 shopping choice for the Belleville and Tactical Research boots on the web.

"I had a good experience shopping on your website. The product images helped me get the model I was looking for. I received my boots in a timely manner and they came as advertized. I'll be sure to recommend your site to my coworkers." - Roger F.

"Thanks for getting my exchange send out so quickly. I needed these in time for a deployment and I even had a few days to break them in. I'll let my military buds know about your website. Thanks!" - Davemoster1231

Rucking means walking for long miles with a heavy backpack, so you want the right footwear to take on any obstacles on the road. The best boots for rucking can take away the strain and pressure of walking for hours. They can even provide maximum protection and comfort to keep feet safe, dry, and cool.

Anyone can use rucking boots, from military personnel to hikers. Today, many tactical boots can be used for rucking with their excellent features. Here are a few things to consider when buying boots for rucking.

This NORTIV 8 design is one of my favorite pairs of military boots for rucking on a hot day. These jungle boots keep my feet well-ventilated, thanks to the breathable upper fabric that lets the air in.

I found some good vent holes in the collar to disperse the heat when the temperature gets too high. The linen upper is also breathable to prevent my feet from perspiring too much. Best of all, the material is lightweight and comfortable, so it took me only a short time to break the boots in.

Who says that rucking boots need to look boring? Foxelli offers a stunning pair of hiking boots for rucking that look pretty with the brown and blue color combination. There are also other options like teal and grey to suit our preferences.

My feet get enough protection from any terrain because I believe that these duty boots are AR 670-1 boots for rucking. I always kept my balance when walking on a steep hill as the tactical boots offer wonderful roll-stop ankle stability and a grippy Vibram sole. Also, I felt plenty of cushion from the PU molded footbed, making me walk more comfortably in long miles.

Thanks to the advanced S2V sieve technology, my feet stay dry and cool in any weather conditions. More so, the wicking Dri-lex lining never let my feet sweat even on the hottest days. And unlike other boots, I have an easier time taking these Rocky boots off after a busy day.

I have a terrible problem with my sweaty feet, and fortunately, my feet remained dry all day with my Merino wool socks and this Garmont pair. The suede leather and 600D nylon upper seem breathable enough to let the air in and dissipate the heat. Even when these boots get soaked in the rain, they dry pretty quickly.

I can even wear these tactical boots in wet weather because the Cordura material dries fast. These boots also breathe well, thanks to the soft cloth upper, making rucking easier to do on hot days. Best of all, the size is truly spot on.

To be specific, these rucking boots feel snug on my feet. I think they use speed laces to make the lacing secure and quick. Instead of threading every lace through every eyelet, I simply have to wrap the laces around every metal hook.

The soles (insole, midsole, and outsole) usually determine the support and traction of the boots. The insoles offer extra cushion and good arch support, while the midsoles offer shock-absorbing benefits. On the other hand, the outsole offers the necessary traction to keep you from slipping.

As soon as possible upon purchasing or being issued combat boots, buy a suede shoe cleaning kit. The nylon quarter panels are easy to care for but the suede areas can be difficult to keep looking nice without the care kit.

Suede is created from the underside of the leather hide and has a coarse, rough texture. While leather in combat boots is not finished as finely as your suede jacket or hat, it can still be a finicky finish that has to be cleaned correctly or it can be ruined to the point that it cannot be restored.

Plus, our collection of military surplus footwear is thoroughly inspected by our expert team to ensure quality and maintain high standards. We also offer a variety of accessories such as socks, laces, zippers, and footwear care products, so you can have everything you need for your feet. 041b061a72


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