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Buy Cheap Manuka Honey

Most people are aware by now that naturally medicinal manuka honey is used by both humans and animals, internally (gastro-intestinal) and externally for any opening in the skin. Since 2007, manuka honey is FDA approved for natural wound applications. Of course manuka honey is eatable, just like any other honey, but manuka honey has benefited millions of people (and animals), dealing with common issues of the gastrointestinal tract. Consumers who use manuka honey on a daily basis, report back to us, how much it has helped them, for example with acid reflux, heartburn, an upset stomach, stomach ulcer, and even seems to help alleviate ibs symptoms the natural way.Likewise, a lot of folks are using manuka honey as a natural wound dressing for burns, wounds, ulcers, sores, surgery scars, insect stings and bites, or any other opening in the skin for humans and animals.

buy cheap manuka honey

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Researchers have found that manukahoney contains natural occurring methylglyoxal (MG) and hydrogen peroxide, as well as higher concentrations of dihydroxyacetone. Unprocessed raw manuka honey that is unpasteurized, is known to be a germ-fighter with antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are other types of tea tree bushes that grow in some parts of Australia, however, those other types produce only a low potency manuka honey, and can not be compared to the top-notch manuka honey for sale, harvested only in New Zealand, and no other parts in the world, which makes New Zealand Manuka Honey extremely rare and unique.

Manuka Honey USA sale the consumer pure manuka honey online at the best prices to purchase highest quality manuka honey in United States. Our best manuka honey to buy is filled with natural amino acids, minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and other rich nutrients like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and Vitamin B6.

Manuka Honey USA LLC, is such a UMF Licensed Company, and already adheres to all the strict rules and regulations in New Zealand, and the United States. Congratulations, you found one of the only true manuka honey importers in the US, that runs their company with honesty and integrity. Buy pure honey online now!

You may purchase manuca honey from us with confidence, knowing that every one of your purchases is backed up with current lab reports, both the MF Manuka Honey, as well as the Manuka Honey UMF16+. We appreciate your trust in us, and we will never let you down, as money does not dictate our decision making process. We are here to serve you with a top notch, rare, medicinal product, at fair prices, that you will not find on large online shopping channels, or brick and mortar chain stores. 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Buy real active manuka honey that is UMF Lab Tested, UMF Certified and UMF Licensed (Lic. Nr. 2238), which is not cheap. If you order Manuka Honey online by only comparing pricing, you are missing the point. Always shop for raw manuka honey by comparing quality, and authenticity and look for lab certification. Where to buy manuka honey? You may purchase Manuca honey at our SHOP.

When researching New Zealand manuka Honey, look for companies that are officially registered and licensed with the UMF Honey Association of New Zealand. Also the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industry), the equivalent to the FDA (Food & Drug Association) in the United States, also oversees the export requirements of New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Considering, that the manuka flowers only bloom for approximately 2 weeks out of the year, you can already see, why this medicinal honey captures a premium price in the market place, because there is only a very limited amount of pure manuka honey being produced per year, per season.

Additionally, our company, Manuka Honey USA LLC, only deals with reputable beekeepers in New Zealand, that are part of the Official UMF Honey Association. Both the beekeepers and our company, pay a hefty price each year to be part of the Official UMF Honey Association, in order to ensure quality control, unannounced inspections, and most important letting consumers know, that they can trust our beekeepers and us, importing only the highest, lab tested manuka honey, available from New Zealand, making it available here in the US.

Our company, Manuka Honey USA LLC, is doing business in a tiny niche market, with honesty and integrity. We have lab tests for every batch we import, in order to prove to you, that our honey is the real deal, Buy pure honey online today, check out our collection here.

Once the honey arrives in the US, it goes additionally through Customs and FDA inspection, once released, our company receives the honey into our warehouse, located in Orlando Florida. Buy raw honey online at Manuka Honey USA.

Since 1994, for the past 25+ years, you can buy Authentic Manuka Honey from Manuka Honey USA LLC, right here in the US. We ship our pure honey, that is raw, natural, un-pasteurized, lab certified manuka honey directly from our Orlando Warehouse to your doorsteps, anywhere in the US. Our office and warehouse hours are: MO-FR 9-5 EST, Orlando Florida.

According to NZ Ministry of Primary Industries statistics, New Zealand produced 1700 tonnes ofManuka honey in 2014, however statistics also show that over 10,000 tonnes ofhoney were sold around the world labelled as Manuka honey. 041b061a72


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