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Ep32 - Innocent Maid How Far Will She Go Part 6... [REPACK]

I remember my first love (da un suspiro), I was working as a maid and we hardly saw each other (baja la mirada), (sonríe) he was the one who showed me how to kiss, back then I was so innocent (con cara de pícara), I hated always asking my boss to let me see him so most times I would sneak out just to be able to feel his lips (sus dedos tapan su boca y se queda pensando, perdida en el recuerdo).

ep32 - innocent maid how far will she go part 6...

Unfortunately for her, Rashta is too suspicious of others and tends to jump to conclusions, acting rashly on her emotions rather than logic. She is very vindictive when she feels that she has been wronged or is called out for her behavior. Furthermore, Rashta does not hesitate to blame other people for her mistakes and "awards" extremely cruel punishments to those she considers traitors or a threat, even if they are willing to help her. For example, she claimed she had a gossiping maid's imprisoned father executed, resulting in said maid hitting her with a chair. 041b061a72


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