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The Professional Kresley Cole Epub Vk

The Professional Kresley Cole Epub Vk

The Professional is the first book in the Game Maker series by Kresley Cole, a #1 New York Times bestselling author of paranormal romance and erotica. The book was originally released as a three-part serial in 2013, and then as a complete novel in 2014. The Professional tells the story of Natalie Porter, a grad student who discovers that she is the long-lost daughter of a Russian mafia boss, and Aleksei Sevastyan, the enforcer who is sent to protect her and bring her to Russia. The book is a steamy and suspenseful romance that explores the dark and dangerous world of the Russian mob, as well as the intense and passionate relationship between Natalie and Aleksei.

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The Professional is available as an ebook in various formats, including epub, which is a popular and widely supported format for digital books. Epub files can be read on various devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. However, some readers may prefer to download epub files from sources other than the official publishers or retailers, for various reasons. For example, some readers may want to access books that are not available in their region, or to avoid paying for books that they can get for free elsewhere. One of the sources that some readers use to download epub files is VK, which is a Russian social media platform that allows users to share files and content with each other.

However, downloading epub files from VK or other similar sources may have some risks and drawbacks. For instance, some epub files may be corrupted, incomplete, or infected with malware. Some epub files may also have poor quality, such as formatting errors, spelling mistakes, or missing pages. Moreover, downloading epub files from VK or other similar sources may violate the intellectual property rights of the authors and publishers, and may harm their income and reputation. Therefore, readers who want to enjoy The Professional by Kresley Cole or other books by this author should consider purchasing them from authorized sources, such as [Amazon], [Barnes & Noble], [Kobo], or [Google Play].

The Professional by Kresley Cole is a thrilling and erotic novel that will appeal to fans of romance, action, and mystery. The book has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who praised the author's writing style, the plot twists, the character development, and the steamy scenes. The book is also part of a series that features other captivating stories and characters in the same universe. The second book in the series is The Master, which follows Maksimilian Sevastyan, the brother of Aleksei and a powerful politician/mafia boss who falls for Catarina Marín, a con artist who becomes his escort. The third book in the series is The Player, which follows Dmitri Sevastyan, another brother of Aleksei and a billionaire casino owner who meets Victoria Valentine, a grifter who tries to scam him but ends up falling for him.

Readers who are interested in The Professional by Kresley Cole or other books by this author can find more information on her official website, where they can also access excerpts, bonus content, newsletters, and social media links. Readers can also join her fan club, where they can interact with other fans and participate in contests and giveaways.


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