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Buy Mango Wood Furniture

Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking roughly 10-15 years to reach full productivity. When they get older and taller, it can become trickier to harvest and they can become less productive fruit-wise. Once this happens, the trees are felled and new ones planted so that the Mango farmers can continue producing more fruit. This ensures that the price of Mango wood is relatively low, as not only do the trees grow quickly and can be easily replaced, but the tree would be cut down regardless.

buy mango wood furniture

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Once a Mango tree is felled, another is planted and will mature within 15 years. As a means of comparison, oak trees take around 75 years to reach full maturity. This means that creating furniture from Mango wood can help to relieve deforestation of endangered tree species and is often considered a more sustainable wood option.

When unstained and finished only in clear wax, this wood is generally slightly darker than oak with a more pronounced grain pattern, similar to oak and mahogany. Mango wood also takes wood stain really well, which can produce a rich deep brown colour.

Mango wood has a dense grain which means the wood is extremely hard-wearing and strong. It has a hardness rating of 1,120 pounds-force on the Janka scale, and is similar in hardness to North American hardwoods such as oak.

There's a massive amount of different types of wood to choose from. No worries, though, we've got you covered. This article is part of our series on the woods we use, detailing all pros and cons you need to know before you buy mango wood furniture.

Originally native to Southeast Asia, particularly India and Myanmar, the presence of mango wood grew with the thriving mango industry. Mango wood is now found in many tropical tropical regions in Southeast Asia, the Pacific (such as Hawaii), and Brazil.

Due to it being a by-product of the thriving worldwide mango industry, mango wood is in plentiful supply. This means that we are able to source the wood at a lower cost when compared to other exotic woods like teak, mahogany, and cypress.

Once finished, the density of the mango wood leads to it being able to withstand everything life can throw at it. This is why we apply our water-based lacquer finish to all pieces before they're placed on the shelves and showroom.

The mango tree is not listed on any lists as a vulnerable species. In addition, we take extra steps to ensure that our wood is harvested 100% sustainably. We work with local farmers in India to harvest their wood once the trees mature past their fruit-bearing lifespan.

It even improves the quality of the wood! Since the mango tree is no longer producing fruit, it dedicates the extra nutrients and minerals to its bark. This results in stronger lumber and the added presence of beautiful, unique mineral deposits!

This mango wood bedside table with drawers is the epitome of beauty and functionality. The rustic finish accentuated throughout the piece provides texture and spacious drawers. The single drawer side table pairs up flawlessly with this bedroom collection, minimally detailed it makes for a simple treasure.

The rustic design that went into this sideboard is sure to please and will instantly become one of your favorite pieces. Handmade using mango wood, it's easy to see the skills and craftsmanship that went into this beautiful sideboard. The furniture artisans that they use have often been hand-making furniture for generations and have truly perfected their craft. This sideboard includes four drawers plus two cabinet doors that reveal spacious interior shelves to give you plenty of storage options. Magnetic strips keep the cabinet doors securely closed. Mango wood is highly regarded for its golden brown tones and prominent grain patterns and this piece really showcases those features.

Hide away extra plates and utensils in stunning style with the perfect accessory of effortlessly functional design. Featuring beautiful mango wood for a one-of-a-kind design, our sideboard brings a stunning industrial boho look to your home, complemented by a sleek metal frame and a faux wicker design. This delightful buffet is completed with plenty of storage space, giving you ample room to organize your items. Blending seamlessly with your existing decor, this accessory will bring out the best of your interior space.

Statement storage: Nordic meets industrial here. Handmade by artisans from solid mango wood, this sideboard features stunning wood grain patterns. Check out those sleek powder-coated metal legs- so statement! It lets you show off your favorite items while keeping clutter at bay. The spacious cupboards are perfect for storing everything-- from books to plates. This is one stylish storage.

Bring a rustic & upscale look in any area with this gorgeous natural wood sideboard that blends function with style, tying your ensemble all together, while offering room to stage and stow a variety of essentials for festive family feasts and classy dinner parties alike. Made of 100% solid wood, the sideboard buffet storage piece is crafted with style & storage in mind. Make use of 2 large cabinets with doors & 2 tall shelves, accompanied by 2 large drawers. They all open with stylish stainless-steel handles and close using our soft-closing technology. Accented with a spacious clean top, its neat rectangular frame blends an aesthetic silhouette with a beautiful rustic finish.

This chest has the one-of-a-kind look that you've come to expect. Handmade using mango wood with premium metal hardware, this chest includes five large drawers to accommodate all your storage needs. Looking at the unique, exotic patterns on the doors, it's easy to see the skills and craftsmanship that went into this gorgeous piece. The furniture artisans that they use have often been handmaking furniture for generations and have truly perfected their craft. Mango wood is highly regarded for its durability and prominent grain patterns, and this piece really showcases those features.

This sideboard is the epitome of unique handcrafted furniture! This creative, yet elegant design can be found nowhere else. This multi-functional piece can be used as a bedroom dresser, hallway storage, an office cabinet and much more. Handmade using mango wood and premium metal hardware, it's easy to see the skills and craftsmanship that went into this beautiful cabinet. The furniture artisans that they use have often been hand-making furniture for generations and have truly perfected their craft. This sideboard includes three drawers and two cabinets which open to reveal a spacious interior and shelves, giving you plenty of storage options. Magnetic strips keep the cabinet doors securely closed. Mango wood is highly regarded for its durability, golden brown tones, and prominent grain patterns, and this piece really showcases those features.

Revamp your home interior with this beautifully designed accent table that can be used in the living room aside from your favorite chair or recliner. This rectangular accent table features a mango wood top and lower shelf supported by an iron framework. The lower shelf provides a secured placement for remotes and diaries while the smooth top can be used for various decorative purposes. Featuring a natural wooden brown finish, this accent table will be an incredible inclusion to any décor setting.

Home furniture can be made from a range of materials, but it's hard to beat mango wood for its warmth, beauty and versatility in style. Mango wood is a densely grained hardwood with a strong structure, making it an ideal and affordable option for your dining room tables, coffee tables and more. Mango wood possesses an attractive and slightly unusual grain with a fine "close knit" texture, and with its varied shades and finishes seamlessly complements your style and decor.

Discover mango wood furniture in different styles for an appealing and attractive addition to your home decor in every room. Add a vintage industrial touch to a contemporary design with a slender, slat-style tabletop made of mango wood and featuring curved metal legs, just right for setting the perfect table next time you entertain. An industrial-chic and rustic coffee table makes an attractive background for displaying your creative candlescaping. Find World Market exclusives at affordable prices, like our embossed dressers or cabinets that add rich character and versatility to your bedroom ambience. Keep life fresh with the vibrant and bold colors of our stools, upholstered with Chindi rugs made from recycled Indian saris and create a boho-chic feel in your living room. Preserve your mango wood furniture looking fresh for years to come by wiping it down with a soft cotton cloth daily.

When we think about living sustainably, we often consider the food in our fridge (is it organic? 100 mile?), we consider the vehicle we drive (is it low fuel consumption or hybrid?) and we consider how we deal with our waste (recycling? composting?) yet few of us ever consider whether the furniture in our homes is sustainably manufactured.

The reality is that the furniture manufacturing industry has often fallen woefully short of sustainable options, usually putting style ahead of the environment. This is why, when we first heard about mango wood, we were intrigued. Could mango wood be strong, versatile and beautiful enough to replace its not-so-sustainable competition?

Of course, mango wood is beautiful in its own right. It adheres exceptionally well to staining and sanding, and features colors like browns, pinks, greens, and diverse patterns due to special fungus that grows in the wood. These marks are similar to the knots and rot marks we see in aged oak (these patterns do not impact the integrity of the wood, merely add to its visual impact.)

For the most part, mango wood furniture is incredibly durable and water resistant. If you live in a dryer area like the southwest, or a cold area like the northeast or Canada, our advice is to keep it moisturized with regular furniture polish, but other than that, your mango wood furniture will simply grow more beautiful with age and should last for generations. 041b061a72


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