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JoJo With A Bow BowDance Moms : Season 5 Episode 3

The seventh season of Dance Moms, an American dance reality television created by Collins Avenue Productions, premiered on November 29, 2016, on Lifetime's television network.[1] The season concluded on October 24, 2017. A total of 29 official episodes and 1 special episode (Abby Tells All) aired this season.

JoJo with a Bow BowDance Moms : Season 5 Episode 3

The seventh season features thirteen star billing cast members, with various other dancers and moms appearing throughout the season. Abby Lee Miller left following the first half of the season announcing her exit in a statement on Instagram.[2] Chloe Lukasiak returned to guest star in Season 7B.[3] This is the final season to feature Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, and Brynn Rumfallo as part of the ALDC team.

Laurieann has disappeared, and Abby returns to the studio under duress. The elite moms don't like her attitude and leave the studio with their daughters, despite the producers trying to force them back inside. While the mini end of the team decide to stay, the elite members rent out a studio and try and self-choreograph a routine for themselves. All three members of the remaining ALDC team are given solos, and at the elite studio, Brynn feels uncomfortable as Kalani and Camryn try and force her to do choreography she doesn't want to do.

The elite girls form a new team called the Irreplaceables and call a choreographer called Aisha to choreograph a burlesque, jazz dance. The moms are on board with the idea but the number is seen as controversial. Kendall and Kalani are both given solos but they are pulled by their mothers.

Meanwhile at the ALDC, Abby's employee Miranda choreographs a group number which is a tribute to Abby and Gianna. The moms are hoping that this tribute will make Abby return and work with the girls again.

Jill and Kendall are absent this week, so Cheryl brings in a girl called Reagan from a rival studio to fill Kendall's spot for the week. Just like Daviana, Reagan beat Kalani at one of the previous competitions, making her mother Julie believe she is the strongest of the team. Kalani and Camryn both have solos, and Christi is angered when Reagan gets the third solo over Chloe or Nia. The moms argue with Julie during rehearsals, which stresses Cheryl out and makes her want to leave. In the group routine the girls will portray witches, and while practicing Kalani sprains her ankle leading to her solo getting pulled and her also losing her place in the group dance. Camille and Camryn then feel threatened and afraid because they have to battle Reagan on their own. 041b061a72


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